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WFTL Bytes! for Nov 20, 2008

This is WFTL Bytes!, your occasiodaily FOSS and Linux news show for Thursday, November 20, 2008, with your host, Marcel Gagné. Today you'll discover how low open source company stock has gone, you'll find out that Mozilla is doing okay, that Moonlight is coming (real soon now), that your old computers are going places you don't care to know, and that Jurassic Part may be just around the corner. Or not.

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For links to stories covered in this newscast, click the 'read more' link.

Links to stories covered in this newscast.

Open Source companies. How low can they go?

Mozilla makes $75 million last year

Moonlight, or Silverlight for Linux, is almost here

Moonlight Beta download site

The Green Penguin - where does your e-waste go?

Wooly Mammoth Genome Sequenced

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George W Bush?

Sorry, but I don't know any other prehistoric mamals that are friendly.


re: Prehistoric?

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for watching, and your comment. I am confused though. You aren't seriously suggesting that we should clone Dubya, are you? He, and that brain of his, may well be from the era of the dinosaurs, but surely you don't want another.

-- Marcel

I know Unix

"I am not afraid of being eaten by a dinosaur - because I know Unix"

re: I know Unix

Hey Binny,

Oh thank goodness! I was afraid nobody would pick up on that one.

-- Marcel

re: I know Unix

For those of us who are either to too ignorant or too stupid to get that reference (i.e. me), what exactly is that an allusion to?

Re: I know Unix

Hello Gabriel,

Thanks for watching my newscast. I wouldn't call you ignorant or stupid, especially since it probably meant you didn't watch one of the really bad movies of 1993 -- well, the dinos were really cool.

The movie was "Jurassic Park". In one climactic scene, velociraptors are trying to break into the control room after the security system collapses. Lex, a 12-year-old genius girl (played by Ariana Richards) steps up to a computer console and exclaims, "This is a UNIX system. I know this." She then proceeds to hack into the system, turn the security system back on, and save everybody's life. At least briefly.

-- Marcel

Now I know Unix!

Thanks for the recap of that scene, Marcel—I feel smarter already! :) (I also found a video clip of that scene, for anyone who's interested.) I really enjoy watching your show, you always manage to deliver the news in a humourous and entertaining way. Thanks for doing it and keep up the great work!

Sad, really

What Marcel neglected to mention is that to old time Unix administrators like us, this is one of the funniest scenes in movie history. Sad.

Congrats from Brazil


I'm from Brazil, I'm a blogger about linux and enjoyed alot your show, the format, the content, excellent.

re: Brazil

Hello Kurt,

Thanks for watching and for the kind words. I paid your site a visit, saw the giant fruit fly, managed to decipher that you are a biology professor and a computer consultant but sadly, my Portuguese is . . . well, non-existant. Nevertheless, glad to have you on board.  

-- Marcel


When I saw on TV last night that some scientists have cloned a wooly mammoth, I wondered why they didn't work on a saber tooth tiger instead. What are they afraid of? Or, aren't the teeth long enough?