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WFTL Bytes! for Oct 15, 2008 -- an election, a talk show, broken records,, encrypted stuff, and more.

This is WFTL Bytes!, your occasiodaily FOSS and Linux news show for Oct 15, 2008, with your host, me, Marcel Gagné. Today's stories include an election, a talk show, encrypted incrimination,, Linux for poor countries, and distributions that speak in tongues.

WFTL Bytes! for Oct 15, 2008 -- An election, a talk show, broken records,, and a world of Linux from Marcel Gagne on Vimeo.

For links to the stories covered, click the read more link.

Links to stories covered in today's newscast.

WFTL Show, Episode 9, with guest Christian Einfeldt :
OpenOffice 3.0 Demand Crashes Servers :
OpenOffice downloads : served virtually at :
How Linux Helped 5 Poor Countries :
150 Languages for Ubuntu :
UK Appeals Court says "Hand over encryption keys" :;897277082

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Canada's Election


Do you know how much I envy you Canadians? Here in the US we've had about two years of campaigning for two candidates I'd rather not have to choose between. You always seem to get things done in no time at all. The newest thing here in my daily rag is a forum between several politicians who want to be California's governor - and the election will take place in 2010! You have no idea how good you have it.